DarkStar One

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH (Proprietary)

DarkStar One is a combat simulator and space trading game developed and released by Ascaron Entertainment on June 2004. This game follows the adventures of Kayron Jarvis in his search for his father’s killer. DarkStar One is the name of an advanced starship interceptor that his father built. The game is set in a fictional galaxy composed of 23 sectors and containing 331 systems. This galaxy is inhabited by 7 races, 6 of which own territories. These 7 races are the Terrans, Raptor, Mortok, Arrack, Oc’to, and Thul. The Galactic Union Council is located in the Terran territory, Sol System, Alpha Centauri cluster.

DarkStar One gameplay involves action role-playing game quests. It is composed of a main quest, some side quests, and bonus missions. These missions are given on different Space Stations. Missions are of different types. Some involve bounty hunting, transportation, freighter escort, or taking photos of space objects. Aside from those, players may trade or mine between star systems. Players may even liberate space pirates.

DarkStar One is an upgradeable vessel composed of four parts—wings, hull, plasma cannon, and engines. These parts may be upgraded using acquired artifacts. The ship reaches a new level whenever upgraded, resulting to higher maximum hull hit points, increased wings maneuverability, and increased weaponry. Upgrading the ship’s engines results in faster energy and power replenishment. There are 100 acquirable artifacts.