Vigil Games (Proprietary)

Darksiders is an action-adventure/hack-and-slash video game published by THQ and developed by Vigil Games. It was first released on September 22, 2010 in North America. The storyline revolves around the one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, named War, and his quest to uncover the truth about the premature occurrence of the Apocalypse and his mission to redeem himself.

As one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War’s main duty is to be called upon to the Earth and bring balance to the world once the final war of Armageddon starts. However, after an unexpected event, War was accused of starting the Apocalypse ahead of time and was sentenced to death. In order to save himself from this, he made a deal with the Charred Council, the group responsible for maintaining balance, to find out the truth about what happened. The council agreed and decided to bring War back to Earth until everything is back to normal. However, War must be accompanied by The Watcher at all times and the council also stripped him off his powers.

In this game, the player controls one of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen called War. In a 3rd person view, the player takes on combats, explorations and puzzles. The worlds in Darksiders are categorized into individual locations. Majority of the available areas are locked until War recovers most of his abilities and weapons. War is constantly given new objectives with each of them consists of non-linear and linear paths that require certain tasks such as climbing, swimming and platforming. War will also battle against angels and demons. He also has the ability to kill a certain type of enemy.