DarkBASIC Pro Project 1.9

DarkBASIC Pro Project Ltd (Shareware)

DarkBASIC Professional is a program for developing and creating games based on the BASIC language. It runs on DirectX 9c which is different from the original DarkBASIC (DirectX 7). The program can support  the creation of multiplayer commands and level support. Additionally, it can create a more advanced environment with light mapping, vertex shaders, and pixel shaders. Vertext shaders can add personality to game characters and environments. With the pixel shader, lighting can be changed and surfaces can be added with effects. There are commands for physics control and for control of the camera in different angles. With the addition of Direct3D, the program can accelerate the hardware of the computer or any device where the game is played.

DarkBASIC Professional has particle effects which enable the creation of sparks, fire, and explosions in video games. Through the software, programmers can work on creating advance terrains and light reflections efficiently. The "true machine level compilation" allows the program to be faster than DarkBASIC, the application's original programming language. There are compilers and integrated debugger tools. Apart from tools that can create a 3-dimensional game, the program still has 2D features such as the creation of 2D sprites, scaling, and 2D drawing functions.

DarkBASIC Professional has an online help support for people who have problems with the application.