Dark Sector

Digital Extremes (Proprietary)

Dark Sector is a video game that was released in 2009. It is an action game set in Eastern Europe about a CIA agent who can fight with a three-pronged “Glaive” in his right hand. This CIA Agent, Hayden Tenno can morph into different combat forms. The game has 2 play styles. The game’s world is one with bio-weapons that are no longer experiments but actual weapons used in combat.

Dark Sector’s gameplay centers on the “Glaive”. It is a weapon that can be thrown from a distance that instantly returns afterwards. It has a number of uses other than fighting. It can be used for solving puzzles and picking up random items. When battling the enemy, proper use of the Glaive can trigger powerful moves called “finishers”. Sometimes, players will have to press buttons to be freed from enemy clasps. The game will progress with the main character improving his arsenal of skills. Some of the skills are the ability to let the Glaive be guided in the air, to kill multiple enemies, and to provide a temporary shield.

Other features of the game are the following:
• Camera position is on the shoulder of the main character
• A sprint function
• Money and ammunition found in select locations
• Multiplayer mode (Infection or Epidemic)