Dark Ritual

Vogat Interactive (Shareware)

Dark Ritual is an adventure hidden object game developed by the company, Vogat Interactive. In this game, the player assumes the role of a female FBI agent who is investigating the disappearance of her sister after undergoing a dark and mysterious ritual. The detective discovers the sinister plan of a scientist named Dr. Brown that involves using an ancient Inca potion to control the minds of people and eventually take over the world. The player’s main task is to look into reports of evil experiments being conducted by Dr. Brown and stop him from carrying them out.

Dark Ritual features four locations, each of which the player can visit freely at any point during the game. The player is tasked to find a given set of items, which are hidden in such locations as Dr. Brown’s mansion, an abandoned hospital, a water treatment facility, and a strange airport. Apart from playing the hidden object segments, the player must also solve puzzles, put certain objects together, and chase after Dr. Brown with the detective’s partner, Agent Johnson. In the Casual mode, important areas sparkle occasionally to give the player a clue on where to start find missing items. The player is free to explore places that have already been visited later on in the game.