Dance eJay 6 6


Dance eJay 6 is a music-creation software developed by the company eJay. It enables users to make dance tracks from its large repository of 10,000 license-free audio files, which includes Chillout, House, Techno, Pop, and Latin Dance sounds among many others. Amateur music arrangers can take advantage of this program’s many features including a track sound mixer that contains 48 unique mixes. Users can choose among five virtual instruments, which can be enhanced by a bass and groove generators. Video clips are made through Dance eJay’s 3D Video Studio, which can be uploaded directly to popular social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Users can also create CDs using the software’s Disc Creator. Both audio and video output can be exported onto mobile devices like multimedia players and smart phones.

To create a track using Dance eJay 6, the user must choose one of more sound samples from the archive and drag it/them to any of the Arranger’s 48 tracks. Samples can be added to a list of the users “favorites” by right clicking on a sample and saving it to the collection. Users can adjust the volume and control fading samples through the program’s mixer feature. Dance eJay 6 has a sleek user interface that features an animated background. The track is shown in the main window, which is surrounded by various icon controls.