Codemasters (Proprietary)

Damnation is a steampunk-themed third-person shooter game developed by the company, Blue Omega Entertainment. It comes in both Single player and multi-player modes, both of which allow players to assume the role of Hamilton Rourke, the leader of a group of outlaws who exist in an alternate 19th century United States. The country is suffering from the effects of the Civil War and the proliferation of high-tech steam-powered robots and weapons. Rourke’s rebel group is determined to free America from the dictatorship of Prescott, a sinister industrialist who has completely taken over the country through his robot army. The robots have been injected with a serum that gives them incredible strength; nevertheless, Rourke and his squad must defeat them in order to dethrone Prescott and banish him from the country for good.

Apart from Rourke and Prescott, other characters featured in Damnation include Commander Selina, who is the head of the Resistance Army, an Indian healer named Yakecan, an evil scientist named Jack, and Jack’s father, Professor Winslow. After a long battle with Prescott’s robots and allies, Rourke finally infiltrates Prescott’s home base and they finally meet for a final face-off. Prescott tries to kill Rourke using his super mech but Rourke manages to destroy it and kill Prescott soon after.