DAMN (Freeware)

DAMN NFO Viewer is a utility that enables users to view files in NFO format. An NFO file is a text-based document; it functions as an attachment to another file, such as a downloaded game. The NFO file contains information about the file it is attached to, much like a ReadMe file. A notepad application may be utilized to view an NFO file; however, while the NFO is a text file, it often contains an ASCII text art at the end that cannot be displayed by common text-reading applications.

DAMN NFO Viewer has the capability to render ASCII graphics properly alongside the text portions of NFO files. In addition to NFO files, this application can also open DIZ files. The viewer has a simple interface that is similar to Notepad, making it easy to use. The following are the application’s other features:

• Support for word wrapping – users can choose from word wrap, no wrap, and character wrap
• Shell integration – this commands the application to automatically open NFO files by default
• Copy-on-select – the selected text is automatically copied to the clipboard without requiring a separate command for copying
• Hyperlink auto detection – the application displays hyperlinks and email addresses as clickable shortcuts
• Customizable interface – users customize the application’s background, font sizes and colors, and set colors for hyperlinks