Damas Master 7.7.8

Rksoft (Freeware)

Damas Master is a program that allows the user to play a virtual version of the board game Dama on the computer. This game is similar to Checkers in mechanics and nature. In this game, two players play on a board where there are alternating squares in two colors: for example, black and white. Each player has twelve dama pieces. Both players’ pieces are all on boxes of the same color. For example, the player's twelve pieces and the opponent’s pieces are on the white squares. Both players start on opposite sides of the board. All the pieces move diagonally and only on the squares with the colors they started from. To capture an opponent's piece, a player’s piece must move diagonally over the opponent’s and land on the square after it.

When a dama piece reaches the board's last row (which is the opponent's first row), the player reaches the dama stage. The dama piece that reaches dama stage can now jump over multiple squares and capture multiple enemy pieces in one move. The game ends when the one player’s pieces are all captured by the other player. In the game's interface, the board is situated in the main pane. The functions and utilities are situated at the right side of the interface.