DAM MediaGrabber 4.5.11

Tensons Corporation (Shareware)

DAM MediaGrabber stands for Download Accelerator Manager developed by Tensons Corporation and released on February 2009. This program enables users to download all kinds of media files including videos and audio files. It also supports music and video downloads from several websites including YouTube, DailyMotion, and Metacafe, among others. It can even access media files from protected sites, as well as provide support for proxies, HTTPS, FTP protocols, and redirects.

DAM MediaGrabber highlights an advanced media capturing logic that supports media download through common web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It utilizes no-file-part assembly logic and dynamic file segmentation to maximize download time and speed. This enables the program to reuse download connections without reconnecting, as well as maintain the connection process. In case of connection interruptions or accidental cancellations, DAM MediaGrabber users may reconnect or resume the download process.

DAM MediaGrabber features a simple yellow user interface that is accessible in context menu or by right-clicking. The top portion of the window shows four tick boxes that correspond to Video, Music, Flash, and All media files. The main download window shows the media files available for download with corresponding file size and file type. To download the files, users must click on the corresponding tick box and click on Download All or Download Last button at the bottom of the interface.