Dam Beavers 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Dam Beavers is a casual word game that was first released in 2008. Players assume the role of Quax, a duck who is angry at beavers for building dams that are leaving the pond dry. Dams can be destroyed by choosing the letters on logs to spell out different words. The letters are then catapulted to knock down the dam. Players must work quickly, as the beavers are also throwing items at the catapult, such as chainsaws, lumber, and wands. Longer words provide more damage to the dam. If the player fails to launch letters towards the dam, the catapult will eventually get broken. There are also power ups that can be acquired in the game. These power ups can repair the catapult and help players spell out better words. Players can also check the amount of damage the word they spelled can do to the dam. This can be done by checking the damage meter that displays how much damage the word can do.

Here are the other features of the Dam Beavers game:

• Game features six different scenes
• Comes with lively sound effects and music
• Ideal game for the entire family
• Comes with several powerups
• Improve brain power