DynaMicro, Inc. (Proprietary)

Dungeons of Daggorath is a role-playing game in the first-person perspective. This game has elements of strategy and players have to combat monsters while finding their way through a series of complex mazes set in a dungeon. There are five dungeon levels to explore, and as players progress through the game, they will encounter more powerful monsters. Monsters of the same kind also get stronger in the higher levels. To fight the monsters, players get to use different types of weapons. The game’s ultimate objective is to defeat the second wizard, located at the fifth and most difficult level of the game.

To move around the dungeon and fight monsters, players type in their commands at the bottom part of the interface. The most common commands are Turn, Stow, Move, Use, Incant, and Attack. The other features of Dungeons of Daggorath’s gameplay include:

• Heartbeat indicator – this feature indicates the player’s health. When the heart rate is up, it means that the player is more vulnerable to attack, such as when the player is running fast or has been injured.
• Different torch levels – these torches wear out after a time and affect the player’s viewing distance.
• Different monster sounds – the sounds made by the monsters grow louder or fainter to indicate their distance from the player. The sounds may be heard even when the monsters are not visible.