Daemon Vector

XPEC Entertainment, Inc. (Proprietary)

Daemon Vector is a third-person 3D action adventure game with a gothic style fantasy theme. The story is set in the 14th century, when the explorer Marco Polo traveled back to Europe from his expedition in the Far East. He brought back with him an ancient artifact from China but the seal was broken, which caused a monster within to awaken. This caused the Black Death over Europe, and unleashed a number of horrible creatures that kill people. It is up to the player to do what they can to save their land and their people from the dark forces that threaten their lives.

This game brings players to the medieval era to fight the evil forces spawned by the ancient monster. At the beginning of the game, players choose their main character, which can be a male or a female, before they go out to hunt and fight ogres, wraiths, and zombies. The players, armed with a sword, begin their quest in a ruined city. Players need to hit enemies more than once or stick their sword into the enemies’ bodies to kill them, or apply combination moves. The game has different locations, and players have to explore these to find the enemies. Players must be careful to see if they are being followed and be wary of dark passageways where zombies may be lurking.