DAEMON Tools Pro Agent

DT Soft Ltd. (Proprietary)

DAEMON Tools Pro Agent is a taskbar icon agent for the DAEMON Tools Pro 4 utility developed by DT Soft in October 2012, as part of the DAEMON Tools lineup of utility products. DAEMON Tools is the desktop utility that allows users to convert disk media into image files, which can then be loaded into a DAEMON Tools virtual drive. This virtual drive functions just like a physical disc drive. DAEMON Tools Pro Agent is the utility that adds a DAEMON Tools icon on the Windows taskbar.

DAEMON Tools Pro Agent allows users to access the DAEMON Tools application right from the taskbar without fully launching the program. By right-clicking the icon, users can mount or unmount disk images to or from the virtual drive. DAEMON Tools Pro Agent also allows users to set emulation options for these disk images upon mounting. This program also allows users to add or remove a virtual drive in use right from the taskbar. Virtual drives that may be added include DT, SCSI, and IDE virtual drives. It also has an “Image in use check” functionality that allows users to check whether a particular disk image is available for use or unavailable due to deletion or inaccessibility. Users may turn this functionality on or off through the DAEMON Tools Pro Agent taskbar icon. DAEMON Tools Pro Agent has a minimal CPU and storage footprint.