D3D RightMark / Digit-Life (Freeware)

D3D RightMark is a tool that serves the purpose of testing graphics cards to see how efficiently and effectively these can perform. Free to use, this particular application is considered as an open-source program. It is compatible with various networks and across platforms. Basically, it is used to test graphics cards considering a variety of focal points. Aside from the performance ability of the graphics card, program users can also use this application to determine the quality of said graphics card. / Digit-Life developed and released the D3D RightMark benchmarking program. There are different tests that can be done on graphics cards. The program comes pre-installed with several synthetic tests focusing on components like texturing speed and the card's fillrate speed. Apart from these tests, the same program can also be used to test graphics cards with the help of real applications like games for example.

Other pertinent information that the D3D RightMark can provide its users with include the graphics card's support offerings for various types of hardware. Apart from this, program users can also find out about the card's peak HSR efficiency. Other important processes and the speeds by which they are executed are also calculated by the program.