D-Link Corporation (Proprietary)

D-ViewCam is a video streaming software bundled with D-Link cameras developed by D-Link Corporation. This program allows users to customize their own home surveillance system using D-link cameras and the D-ViewCam to control these cameras. This program locates IP cameras connected to a local network and adds them automatically.

D-ViewCam allows users to customize the recording behavior and times of all cameras connected to it. This program also makes it possible to store recorded video files and manage them. The D-ViewCam software allows single video stream monitoring. It also supports multiple video stream monitoring with up to 32 video channel capability. This program also supports two-way audio communication. Users can also export video streams or recordings to a local folder or to an external device. Video recording includes audio recording.

D-ViewCam is  available not only over wired networks but also over wireless networks. Users can access their D-ViewCam through their home computer when they are at home. They can also access wirelessly through Remote Viewing. Through this, users can manage their D-Link cameras and access their home surveillance systems using their mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Users may also Remote View their D-ViewCam through an internet connection on their laptops and desktops. D-ViewCam finds application not just for home surveillance but also office surveillance.