Axe Software (Shareware)

CyPet is a game that features a virtual pet, which is ideal for people who want to take care of another creature without the real-world hassles that go with owning a pet. Players can experience all the fun that goes with having a pet with this game developed by Axe Software. There are seven difficulty levels awaiting virtual pet owners.

Like a real-life pet, the virtual pet needs to be looked after. The player has to clean the virtual pet when it gets dirty, and ensure that it is vaccinated when it becomes sick. The virtual pet also has to be fed regularly and disciplined so that it does not resort to bad behavior. In CyPet, virtual pet owners must also engage the creature in games so that it does not get bored. Two of the games that may be played on CyPet are hide and seek and peek-a-boo. For as long as the virtual pet is cared for it will grow to be healthy and happy.

CyPet provides virtual pet owners with updated data on how their ward is doing via a statistics window. While at work, players of the game can check on their pet through the Status view mode, which does not get in the way of other computer functions.