CyberScrub (R) Privacy Suite (TM) 5.0

CyberScrub LLC (Shareware)

CyberScrub Privacy Suite is a tool used for permanently erasing files in the computer. The files deleted from the system can be retrieved using recovery applications. Personal information, such as personal emails, passwords, credit card information, and usernames can be accessed by other users. CyberScrub Privacy Suite erases all the information with methods used by the United States Department of Defense. This ensures that all personal information removed from the system remains deleted. This is done by destroying all the traces associated with the file and removing it completely from the disk.

One of the main features of the application is the CyberScrub Risk Monitor. This tool alerts users if there are security risks detected in the computer. Additionally, the tool alerts users of updates and patches for programs, Internet activities, and files that are in the Recycle Bin. All computer errors and risks can be fixed with just one click.

Other features of the CyberScrub Privacy Suite application are the following:
• Support for deleting Windows files that are locked including cookies, swap files, and index.dat files
• Support for command line tasks
• Erases entire drives including folder structures
• Integrated with the Windows Recycle Bin
• Erases all evidence from P2P programs