Cyberlore Majesty

Cyberlore Studios, Inc. (Proprietary)

Cyberlore’s Majesty Collection is a real time strategy game (RLS) wherein the main objective of the player is to fight to keep their own empires as they encounter challenges from the citizens and heroes of their land. The players can employ rangers, paladins, wizards, and other creatures to help them on their quest.  The players will strive to protect their treasures, enlarge their territory, and kill the whole variety of mythical creatures determined to cast them out of their kingdom.

The key games on the Majesty Collection include Majesty 2 Kingmaker Expansion, Majesty 2 Battles of Ardania Expansion, Majesty Gold HD, Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom Expansion, and Majesty 2 Fantasy Kingdom Sim. The Majesty Gold HD consists of two more quests including The Balance of Twilight and The Wrath of Krolm. All of these game versions or quests can be displayed on more modern computers because it is offered on higher resolutions. The user interface is intuitive, and players can even create a freestyle game in case the quest gets too repetitive and boring.

Here are some information on the quest selections:

• Majesty 2 Fantasy Kingdom Sim- this game offers nineteen single player scenarios but no encompassing story. This can also be player in multiplayer mode.

• Majesty: The Northern Expansion – this game offers additional twelve single player scenarios as well as new creatures, powers and structures.