CyberLink YouCam 5.0.2219

CyberLink Corp. (Shareware)

CyberLink YouCam is a webcam manager program developed by CyberLink Corporation. It serves as a companion for online video chats and supports different instant messaging applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and AOL Instant Messenger. It features TrueTheatre Technology and HD support allowing users to record HD snapshot/videos and apply HD fun effects.

YouCam also features Interactive Effects. It has an avatar creation feature and face-tracking avatars. One of the most common interactive effects is creating confetti. Not only can users create confetti, they can also interact with it as if there is actual confetti. Aside from confetti, YouCam can also bring out other virtual objects like pizza and other pre-installed objects. Other features include animated emoticons, virtual places, frames, and distortion effects.

CyberLink YouCam also lets users share YouCam videos. Users can upload media files directly to YouTube and Facebook. It also has its own online community called, DirectZone where users can share videos, photos and effects online. Aside from personal purposes, YouCam can also be used at work. It can be used for creating video presentations using PowerPoint files, capturing desktop screen in HD and even lets you use two webcams concurrently.

The program can also work as a surveillance camera. It has motion detection and interval recording features. Captured surveillance can also be sent directly to emails to up to 5MB in size. Other features of YouCam include Face Login, Webcam Face-out, and Facial Tracking Technology.