CyberLink SoftDMA 2 2.0

CyberLink Corp. (Shareware)

Cyberlink SoftDMA 2 is a program that enables users to stream and download digital media over a DLNA network. DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance is a non-profit trade organization that provides interoperability guidelines to allow users to share media such as music photos, and videos using media devices like computers, televisions, printers, cameras, cell phones, etc. This multimedia sharing platform allows users to view and download multimedia content for free over a host network. Cyberlink SoftDMA 2 works by automatically locating the content from a media server connected with the user’s network, enabling the user to access and play high definition video, music, photos, and recorded TV programs. In addition to these, Cyberlink SoftDMA 2 also functions as a Digital Media Receiver allowing the user’s PC to become a network display device as it buffers playback content sent by other users over the network.

Cyberlink SoftDMA 2 features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. The left portion of the program window contains commands such as refresh, settings, download manager, and extras. Beside this section is where the multimedia folders are displayed as a list. Users can access each folder and view its contents by double clicking on the media file’s icon. The media files would then be opened on the user’s default media player, or photo viewer. In addition, Cyberlink SoftDMA 2 contains other buttons used to move back to the previous page, move back to the home page, minimize the program, or close the program window.