CyberLink PowerStarter

CyberLink Corp. (Bundled)

CyberLink PowerStarter is a program that acts as the command center for all CyberLink products installed in a computer. It is created and distributed by the CyberLink Corporation. This tool offers an integrated user interface that collects the installed CyberLink products in one interface.

The CyberLink PowerStarter application can be used to watch movies on Blu-ray, DVD, or from other movie files via CyberLink Media Player. Searching for information about the movies through the Internet is also possible with this program.

The PowerStarter application can edit, author, convert and create videos as well. It can also be used to author and edit image slideshows as well as create photo gallery disks. The CyberLink PowerStarter application does not only work on video files. It can also be used to create, edit, convert and rip audio files to a storage media.

The CyberLink PowerStarter program can be used for data backup. It can burn data, Blu-ray Disks and movie DVDs. Users can back up the files and restore them to a computer. Transferring media is also possible with this application. After converting audio, video and/or image files, the program provides an option to transfer the converted files to any storage device. The program can be used to print disk labels and burn disk images as well. Product update, patches and upgrades on CyberLink products can also be done using the PowerStarter application.