CyberLink ISO Viewer

CyberLink Corp. (Bundled)

CyberLink ISO Viewer is a component of CyberLink Power2Go that lets users organize, manage, and burn ISO data. This program allows users to access and extract files/folders straight from an .ISO image file to a computer’s hard drive without copying it to a disc. This program can also be used for viewing or accessing Power2Go (P2I) image formats. Aside from accessing and extracting image files, CyberLink ISO Viewer also lets users burn the image files to a disk. Users are given two ways to access CyberLink’s ISO Viewer. It can be accessed directly from CyberLink Power2Go or by right-clicking an image file then choosing ISO Viewer from the list of options.

There are different functions available in CyberLink ISO Viewer. The application has a button for browsing and opening image files directly from your computer either in the P2I or ISO formats. This allows users to view the content within the image files. Users can also choose to use CyberLink ISO Viewer as the default program for viewing image files. The program also provides a button for extracting image files and saving them to the computer’s hard drive. For burning image files, CyberLink ISO viewer can be redirected to Power2Go’s burning tool. This can be done by choosing the Copy Disc option then Selecting Burn Disc Image.