CyberDefender Registry Cleaner

CyberDefender (Proprietary)

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner is a Windows optimization tool developed by CyberDefender and released on February 2010. The program enables users to optimize and clean the Windows Registry. It does this by performing a comprehensive scan of the Registry in order to search for registry errors. The program scans the different sections of the Windows registry including software settings, ActiveX sections, file extensions, and application paths. Errors that may be found include invalid entries, broken keys, and lost registries. These errors will be deleted or repaired so as to prevent system crashes due to bad registries.

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner features a grey graphical user interface. The main window is divided into two windows. The first column provides the specific Progress Steps available to the users. These options include Scanning options, Scanning progress, Scan Results, Fix all errors, and Finish. The Scanning options tab enables users to configure the scanning settings of the program. The Scan Progress and Scan Results page shows the status and results of the scanning process, which are then displayed on the main window, next to the progress column. Each invalid registry is displayed with a corresponding tick box on the left. This allows users to choose which registries to delete and which ones to retain. The Finish button enables users to terminate the optimization process at any time.