Omron Electronics Corporation (Proprietary)

The CX-Sensor program was created by the Omron Electronics Corporation. This program fast-tracks the process of creating a network of systems and devices. CX-Sensor allows its users to program various motion-control systems and networks with ease. The program can be used on systems including PLCs and HMIs. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, which is a type of digital computer normally used to automate various mechanical processes. HMI, on the other hand, stands for Human Machine Interface. HMI is a system element that is used to handle the interaction between human controllers and machines.

Aside from the conventional network programming interface, users can also access special support software elements. These make it simpler to set up various servo systems, as well as related networks, HMIs, and temperature controllers and inverters, among a host of other elements. There is a large range of scalable automation processes that can be handled with higher degrees of security and efficiency with this particular program.

Offline support for interactive networks also comes with this program. Users can access the program via one installation and license number, and use it for a number of networks. This program also comes with free upgrades, access to existing libraries, and reference to other elements available online.