OMRON Corporation (Bundled)

CX-Programmer is an application for PLC programming  developed by OMRON Corporation. It is used for creating, testing, and maintaining applications related with the C-series PLCs ,CS1-series PLCs ,and Omron CV-series. The program offers facilities to support PLC address and devices information. Aside from this, the application can also be used for communicating with other Omron PLCs as well as other supported types of networks. Users may also utilize the program to maintain the device settings for the Omron PLCs.

Here are common functions of the CX-Programmer:

• Used for creating and debugging programs for SYSMAC CJ/CS/NSJ/CP-series as well as CVM1/C-series and C-series CPU units
• Synchronous operation support between units
• Batch backup and restore with a PC
• Includes a ladder editor that justifies a ladder program automatically

The application offers an environment for creating a project file wherein multiple PLCs can be included. For every PLC included, users may define the addressing and network details, ladder program/s, pres-set PLC memory, expansion instructions, programming symbols, and IO table. The interface of CX-Programmer is straightforward with all the tools and options available from the main window. The main window can be manipulated in various ways to have different views of the program. It also offers customization features to configure the interface based on the user’s need.