Omron (Proprietary)

CX-Profibus is a program container developed by Omron. This program works with the datatype manager (DTM) feature for information processing. CX-Profibus configures data before they can be distributed and exchanged within the slave devices. Using this program allows Omron to produce four DTM objects to utilize within the system. Four DTMs produced using CX contributes in configuring various data elements that contribute to efficient management.

Aside from configuration, this software also aids in cataloguing DTMs saved in the network. Users can add new DTMs aside from the ones installed in the system or delete them whenever possible. Newly added DTMs will reflect within the system immediately and update the catalogue.

Project maintenance functions are also offered through this software program. It facilitates access control for creating, opening and saving project files within the data system. Only authorized people assigned in the system have access, to ensure security. Passwords can be assigned for specific users, assuring that the only ones accessing the projects are the ones allowed to do so.

Network setup is among its functions. It shows users the relationship tree between DTMs. For instance, it displays data connection in between master and slave devices, which is necessary for some data managers for documentation purposes. CX-Profibus performs perfectly and generates reports like error logs and support printing. Help files for using the container program are also available as well as FDT Communication logging.