CX Inc. (Proprietary)

CX is a file storage software developed by CX Inc. CX is a cloud storage service released on May 2014. The program features the Amazon S3 which stands for Simple Storage Service. This feature enables users to store files up to 5TB of single object size. The program has unlimited total storage capacity. This program is a white label product utilized by other companies like Adobe, Netflix, and Pinterest.

Aside from its file storage function, CX features easy sharing functions. The program enables its users to control their stored data. Users can configure the data to be publicly shared, or privately shared. Data shared privately may only be accessed via password. Stored data can be accessed anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. The program also offers one-click sharing capability to supported social networks. The program features easy sync option, enabling users to sync the contents of the cloud storage, into several devices including the user’s phone, tablet, or computer.

CX provides group collaboration technology, enabling users to share data with several contacts at a time. Users can create multiple groups to share data with. The program also enables users to collaborate and interact with each other as regards the data shared with each other. Users can leave comments on each data, add other data, and edit file descriptions.