cwRsync 3.1.0

ITeF!x Consulting (Freeware)

cwRsync is an application used to implement Rsync for Windows. Most Windows users will choose the Windows Backup Agent for backing up remote files because of its easy-to-use and simple graphic user interface tools that allow flexible backups. But there are situations where the unix application ‘rsync’ is a better choice for backing up Windows jobs. Rsync allows users to synchronize their offline systems and this is done by transferring just the edited parts of the file. After the initial upload, subsequent uploads will be faster because only the differences in the files are transferred.

Users can employ cwRsync to back up and synchronize remote files. It uses the Rsync algorithm that provides a fast method for syncing remote files. cwRsync does this by sending only the differences in files without needing both files to be present at the ends of the link. Normally, Rsync utilizes SSH for communication and requires no privileges when installing. However, users must operate a working SSH system.

On the other hand, Rsync can perform in ‘daemon mode’, which is usually used for the public distribution of files. Access control and authentication are available and may still be used. cwRsync has Cygwin DLL that mimics Linux API functions and a set of tools. cwRsync is distributed free for the Rsync utility.