CwGet morse decoder 2.26

UA9OV from the DXSoft group (Shareware)

The DXSoft Group developed the CwGet Morse Decoder. This program was initially released in 2008, and its latest version released in September 2011. This is an application that is meant to be used for translation purposes. What it does is convert Morse codes in sound files to text.

Morse codes recorded on a soundcard can be transformed into readable text files with the CwGet Morse Decoder. It can also be utilized as a filter for narrow band DSPs. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor, considered a highly specialized type of microprocessor. It has been developed for the sole purpose of aiding various operations in line with the processing of digital signal data. Users of the program do not need additional hardware. Compatible with various operating systems, the program can also be used on various mobile devices.

The interface is simple and easy to use. There are three windows that can be manipulated as per the user's preference via the drag-and-drop method. There is a primary spectral display which shows peaks indicated by a number of lines. The current signals received by the application are tracked by this display. Colored indicators are used to identify central frequency filters for easier observation. The user can choose which peaks to convert into text by clicking on these points. Zooming and panning options are also available.