CVitae V4

Semantis (Freeware)

CVitae is a simple application that allows users to create curriculum vitas and cover letters, as well as look for jobs and management job interviews. The software comes with various templates in Word or HTML (web) format, which users can utilize in drafting their resumes. Curriculum Vitae is a document which is required on all jobs applications and provides a comprehensive list of a person’s experience and qualifications matching the open job posting. A cover letter, on the other hand, is a document which usually comes with the curriculum vitae which states the purpose of the sending the resume and a concise explanation of why the person is the best fit for the position.

CVitae features a user-friendly interface. The menu bar has functions including File, Write, Broadcast, and Options. The relevant information needed on the resume can be entered on the input screen on the left side of the main interface and the resume can be previewed on the right side. There are advices given during the actual writing process allowing the user to rethink and improve the resume. The software also performs as a job application and contacts management tool such that job offers, which the user has selected on the Internet, can be saved directly onto the contact list and can also be followed up from there.