Cutting 3 1.50


Cutting 3 is the third iteration of the Cutting programs developed to help users save on materials by plotting the optimum cutting of wood and a number of other common materials used in the furniture-making process. Metal and glass are the other materials whose portioning may be planner with Cutting 3. The program uses proprietary algorithms to plan the efficient cutting of these and other materials with minimum wastage and accurate estimating, and may also be used for industrial purposes.

In addition to optimal layouting or planning of the portioning of the materials involved, there are many other practical features offered by this particular program. It allows a virtually unlimited quantity of parts or panels to cut, with the option to specify various kinds of materials or the same material in different textures per layout or cutting session. The application also permits different calculation modes, the easy identification of the different materials for layouting via a graphic texture map, and the importing of these textures from programs such as AutoCAD. Furthermore, Cutting 3 also permits the user to shuffle parts between different layout sheets, export layout reports and projects to related programs, restore and save cutting results, and develop a user-generated virtual storehouse for the materials cut and the remnants that remain for future reference.