Cuttermaran 1.70 1.70

Tobias Arnold (Freeware)

Cuttermaran is a video editing program developed by Tobias Arnold and released on April 2010. This program is especially developed to edit and manage MPEG1 and MPEG2 videos file formats. This program also supports AC3 audio file formats.

Cuttermaran is a video editing software with minimal editing functionalities. It enables users to cut, split, and edit video streams. It does this without recalculation. This promotes audio and video synchronicity. This program also provides support for demultiplexed video and audio streams, as well as splitted ones.

Cuttermaran features a grey user interface with the menu bar at the top, two preview windows occupying most of the interface, and a navigation panel located on the right hand side of the interface. There is also a navigation slider at the bottom of the interface. The cutlist window is located below the navigation slider. Opened videos are shown on the cutlist. The navigation slider allows users to navigate the videos on the cutlist. The Navigation panel features 6 buttons for <I, <P, and <B, and I>, P>, and B>. These buttons enable the user to navigate the video stream. These buttons also enable users to set cut points. The In button designates the current frame, while the Out button designates the last frame. The preview windows show the unedited video file on the left and the edited video stream on the right.