Cutmaster2D 1.3.3

Code011 (Shareware)

CutMaster 2D is a program used for increasing productivity and maximizing material usage in manufacturing. The application generates cutting layouts that are optimized so materials don’t go to waste. The program can be used by entities that manufacture glass, wood, and metal works. Cutting layouts and data can be exported to Holxher, XML, or DXF formats. Users can import data to the application from a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

The program’s user interface has three tabs – Input and Statistics, Report, and Archive. Users can work on different projects using this application. Users can also manage all the information for a project by inputting data, such as parts for the product, used parts, panels, yield, cutting length, and banding length. Under the Settings window, the program can be configured including the units used for measurements, panel dimensions, and display units. There are also settings for calculation, saving, loading and importing, as well as views and reports. More features of the program are listed below:

• Support for different ways of inputting data to the application
• Has a preview function for viewing reports and patterns created
• Users can print labels for parts of the project
• Thickness of layouts can be adjusted according to the user’s need
• Multilanguage interface