CutMaster 2D Pro

CODE011 (Shareware)

CutMaster 2D Pro is an application is an application used for maximizing materials by optimizing the layouts. The program can be used for manufacturing various materials, such as glass, wood, and metal. This enables business owners to make the most out of the materials they have in order to cut down on material costs. The application makes use of advanced algorithms in order to optimize cutting of materials.

The program’s main user interface is divided into different sections, and users are able to use the automatic feature of the application or input information manually. Information that can be added to the program includes the type of material, length, width, quantity, and description. Users can then determine the cutting length, average yield, used parts, and others. Under the Settings window, users can change the units used, calculation settings, and reports settings.

Here are the other key features of the CutMaster 2D Pro application:

• The optimization level of the program can be adjusted based on the user’s preferences
• Information can be imported from XML or Microsoft Excel
• Users can preview all the patterns and reports before saving changes to their project
• Layouts can be printed with part labels
• Projects can be exported as DXF or XML formats