CuteRank 3.5.7 (Freeware)

CuteRank is a program used for checking the rankings of keywords on different search engines, such as AOL, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The tool is useful for bloggers, SEO specialists, and keyword researchers. Users can also import and track keywords in order to see if they have moved up or down in rankings. A Keyword Ranking Checker is also included in the application. This tool is capable of performing automatic updates of keyword ranking information when the computer is connected to the Internet. CuteRank is able to export keyword result reports in different formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, and Excel.

The program’s interface consists of different sections. Users can view and access their Profile List from the left side of the window. When a profile is selected, all keywords for that category are displayed on the main window. It will then show the keywords’ rankings, their previous ranking, and if they went up or down the list. More features of the CuteRank application are listed below:

• Capable of tracking the keyword’s status for as long as a year
• Capable of displaying keyword positions and history in tables and charts
• Support for checking keyword rankings from more than 300 search engines from various countries