CuteFTP Professional 9.0.5

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (Proprietary)

CuteFTP Professional is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP)client developed by GlobalSCAPE and released in 1996. This program features file sharing and hosting between computers and FTP servers to facilitate web publishing and digital media file hosting for images, music and software. CuteFTP Professional supports several protocol options including SFTP, FTP/S, and HTTP/S. It also features a One Time Password authentication protocol, a Password manager, and OpenPGP encryption.

CuteFTP Professional features fully automated transfers that may be customized to run on schedule. This program also features backup services and website synchronization. It can also monitor changes on local folders. CuteFTP Professional also allows users to create macros and scripts, as well as create podcast RSS feeds. CuteFTP Professional also features simultaneous file transfers for up to 100 transfer events. This is also possible through the Drag and Drop functionality. CuteFTP Professional features Remote Viewing of folders and sites. Remote images may be seen in thumbnail view. This program also features a built-in editor that allows users to edit remote documents. Users may also simultaneously work with multiple remote sites.

CuteFTP Professional now supports mobile file sharing through the TappIn app. It is a non-cloud file sharing option available for phone and tablet devices. This allows users to share files even absent access to an FTP client. This program also features WebDAV protocol support.