CustoPack Tools 1.0.040

neOceane (Freeware)

CustoPack Tools is a program that enables users to customize the appearance of a Windows computer. There are three main menus on the program’s main window. These are Choose a CustoPack, Create a CustoPack, and Settings and Configuration.

‘Choose a CustoPack’ is where users can choose from a selection of CustoPacks that have been downloaded in the computer in order to change the appearance of Windows. A CustoPack consists of different Windows elements including desktop icons, wallpapers, cursors, and images. They can be downloaded from the CustoPack Gallery on the program’s website. These packs are created by users. ‘Create a CustoPack’ is for advanced computer users. The section provides some tools that users can utilize when creating their own CustoPacks.

The ‘Settings and Configuration’ window is where users can customize the look of their desktop. The interface is simple and users just need to select from the available themes when customizing different elements. All the changeable components are listed on the pane at the right side of the window. Some of the elements that can be changed are icons, fonts, cursors, sound and notifications, and the overall visual style of the computer. Additionally, users can also make changes to DLLs, software, and the logon screen.