Curve Pilot 1.0

Two Pilots (Shareware)

Curve Pilot is an application that is developed to help users in learning about the basics of color corrections in digital or scanned photos. The curve method is a common tool in correcting image color, but most beginners do not know in which direction curves must be adjusted. With this application, users will be able to understand how the curve method works. The program teaches the basics of using the curve method by allowing users to indicate the color they want as output of correcting images and calculating the needed values in order to achieve that output. This application will display the calculated values and the curves on the screen before performing the correction process.

Curve Pilot has a user-friendly interface with a simple and intuitive layout. At the topmost part of the program window is the main menu, which consists of File options, Image options, Reference Color menu, Operation tasks, Window options, and the Help menu. Users can open an image file and the program will give the user several color correction options. Once a corrected image preview is selected, the application will open a Curves window where users can see a before and after preview of the image, the curve values, and the curve itself.