CursorFX 2.11

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

CursorFX is an application that allows users to change the standard Windows mouse cursor. The program comes with several cursor themes that can be edited according to preference. Once a cursor theme is selected, users can apply additional effect to add animation to the cursor. Some of the effects include explosions and bullet holes. Even the settings on how the mouse cursor is displayed on the screen can be changed (opacity, hue, size, and shadow). These can be tweaked with the sliders.

Advanced computer users can even edit their own cursors with the program by providing an animation script and importing graphics. There is a special effects tab, too. Another feature of the application is embeddable sounds. Users can add sounds on mouse events when creating themes. One of the main features of the application is movement smoothness. This feature adjusts the inertia of the cursor’s movement to make mouse control more precise.

Here are more features of CursorFX:
• Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors
• New visual editor
• Special effects can be bundled into themes
• Unlimited size for cursors
• Ghost trail effect

CursorFX is the replacement for Stardock’s cursor skinning application CursorXP. Cursors created with the program can also be downloaded from WinCustomize (