Cursor Translator 3.1.1

Authorsoft (Shareware)

Cursor Translator is a simple translation program that can be utilized by those with basic computer skills. The program supports translation between over 50 languages. The program has a small window where users can read the instructions on how to translate text that can be found anywhere on the desktop window. To translate text, users just have to press the SHIFT button and mouse over the text to translate. Users then have to choose the source language and the language to translate to. The translated text will then appear on the application’s main window. Other key features of this application are listed below:

• Supports a wide variety of languages for translation including traditional and simplified Chinese, English, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, and many others
• Capable of translating any word that is found on the desktop window
• Source language and target language can be switched with just one click of the mouse button
• Program’s window can be docked on top of other windows to make it easier to access every time the user needs to translate text
• Program’s window can be resized so that it fits the screen

Cursor Translator always adds new languages that can be used for translation on a regular basis. These new languages can be added when the program is updated.