CurrPorts 2.06

NirSoft (Freeware)

CurrPorts is a network-monitoring utility developed by NirSoft. It is used for searching and displaying all available opened UDP and TCP/IP ports. It also provides detailed information regarding the process that opened the available ports including process name process path, version information, time process was  generated, and name of creator. Aside from this, the program also enables users to close unnecessary TCP connections, kill processes, and store UDP/TCP ports information to various formats (text file, HTML file, or XML file). Users are also warned about suspicious ports by marking them in the list.

The program is a standalone executable file. It does not need to be installed in the computer. The program’s interface is composed of a main window, which provides a list of all the opened UDP and TCP ports. Users can choose from the list of available ports. They have the ability to close the ports or copy the information about the ports into a clipboard. Users can also customize how the program displays the list of ports. It can be arranged to view selected ports only. Changing the order of the screen’s columns is possible as well. Sorting the list according to a particular column can also be done.

CurrPorts offer various configuration options, which are accessible via the Options menu. Some  available configuration options include displaying the listening, displaying the established, displaying closed, mark new or modified ports, auto refresh, and more.