Cuneiform 1.1

Cognitive Technologies Ltd. (Freeware)

Cuneiform is an optical character recognition (OCR) software developed by Cognitive Technologies and released on April 2011. This program recognizes printed fonts from several sources including book scans, magazine and newspaper scans, dot-matrix printer output, laser printer output, and even typewritten text. This program can also recognize table formatting, as well as conventional text formatting. This program also supports text output in several file formats—HTML, RTF, and TXT. This program provides support for Microsoft Excel and Word programs.

Cuneiform provides an OmniFont recognition system in recognizing fonts and printed letters and words. It features an algorithm that enables users to recognize words from letter writing rules and letter topologies. Unlike other OCR software, this program does not utilize pattern recognition learning. Cuneiform is a standalone application through command line option. It can also be used as a back end to third party programs.

Cuneiform has a simple grey graphical user interface. The top bar contains buttons for the most commonly used tasks. These include Scan, Measure, View, and Save.  This bar also has a one-click button for automated text recognition. Below the taskbar is the text formatting bar with options for Font style, text alignment, and indentation. The interface also has a preview window that shows the scanned document. Below the preview window is the Cuneiform window showing the text recognized from the scanned document.