CueCard 1.51

Wade Brainerd (Freeware)

CueCard is a simple program that works just like virtual flash cards. It can be used for studying or reviewing. It has a simple user interface, which can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. On the main interface, there are three buttons located at the bottom part of the window – New Card, Edit Card, and Delete Card.

When creating new cards, users must supply a question and the answer to the question. Pictures and sounds can also be added to each new card created. When all the cards have been added, users can start a review session by going back to the main window and clicking on the “Study” button. The program will then flash the questions provided by the user. A summary of the review can be seen on the main interface. Each correct answer garners a point and users can choose to use a timer when studying. The application also allows users to print out the cards created. Print options include printing of a study sheet based on the question and answers provided or printing out single-sided or double-sided cards. Other options available include changing the font to be used for the cue cards and changing the background image.