CUDA Visual Profiler 5.5 (32-bit)

NVIDIA (Shareware)

CUDA Visual Profiler is a tool that helps the user in comprehending application performance. It also assists the user on how to make the code run much faster than usual. CUDA Visual Profiler is a utility that is intended for the use of NVIDIA GPU cards. This utility enables the user to view and collect profiling data.

Some of the main features of this utility are:
• Comparison summary plot to compare profiling data for a couple of sessions
• A kernel table that lists grid size, the number of calls, block size and shared memory size for each block, among others.
• Memcopy table that lists memory transfer size (in bytes), number of calls, and memory transfer direction.

CUDA Visual Profiler is essentially a profiling tool. It presents the user with a display of the GPU and CPU timeline of the application. The presentation of these activities involves an automated analysis engine. This tool can be used effectively to identify optimization opportunities. CUDA Visual Profiler is capable of executing a CUDA program wherein profiling is enabled and the profiler output can be viewed as a table.

CUDA Visual Profiler also includes optimization guidance and step-by-step analysis, and the results of the analysis are presented using graphical visualizations. This program supports thermal, clock, and power profiling. The correct peer-to-peer memory copies are also shown on the timeline.