Cubis Gold 2

Fresh Games (Shareware)

Cubis Gold 2 is the direct sequel to the Cubis puzzle game developed and published by Fresh Games. It was first released on November 12, 2004. The objective of the game is to eliminate a specific cube number from every level before running out of time. Players can remove cubes by making matches of cubes of the same color numbering three or higher. Different types of cubes appear in the game board. Aside from normal cubes, the board also displays special cubes to help players obtain bonus points. Special cubes like Ghost Cubes, Star Cubes, Stacking Cubes, and obtaining a Cubis help the player complete the level faster and obtain bonus points.

Cubis Gold 3 has four game modes:

• Arcade Mode – The player’s goal is to remove a specific number of cubes of whatever type in every level. This goal must be achieved before the time runs out or else the player loses.
• Puzzle Mode – In this mode, the objective is to get rid of all the Star Cubes in every level. It is also a timed-mode, which means the player must complete the objective before the time runs out.
• Morph-Fun Arcade – This mode is the same as that of Arcade Mode. The only difference is that there are Ghost Cubes jumping around the game board. The objective is still the same.
• Morph-Fun Puzzle – This mode’s goal is the same as that of Puzzle Mode. The main difference is that there are also Ghost Cubes jumping all around the board like the Morph-Fun Arcade mode.