Cubic Reality Software (Open Source)

CubixExplorer is an application used for managing files. It consists of basic and advanced tools for sorting files and documents on the computer. The application has an explorer-like view that is divided into different sections. Folder locations and bookmarks can be seen on the left panel of the main window. When a folder is selected, its contents are displayed on the main window. There are different views available, and users can change it from the upper portion of the window by choosing one of the icons. Contents can be displayed as lists, large icons, small icons, etc.

When a document is selected on the main window, users can change its contents, such as change the format or highlight certain texts or phrases. The program also has an advance file search feature where users can search for a specific word or phrase. The search location, as well as subfolders, can also be included in the search. Other search parameters include the date and time the document was created or last saved, its size, and content.

Other features of the CubixExplorer are the following:

• Users can set hotkeys for the different functions of the application, such as duplicate tab, close tab, new window, stack, and others
• Support for adding bookmarks to files and documents that are often used
• Has empty recycle bin feature for easy deletion of unnecessary items