Cub Rummy

YPR Software (Freeware)

Cub Rummy is a computer tile game of strategy and luck. This is a free game played that involves playing against the computer. Cub Rummy is all about playing tile in groups of at least three on the table. A winner is declared when one of the opponents has played all the tiles. There are three variations of the Cub Rummy video game that may be downloaded from the Internet without any fees required.

Cub Rummy is the small brother of the computer game called “Rummi.” It has similar but more limited features than the latter. This computer game can be played by two players, three players, or four players. There is not one computer opponent but six. Each opponent is a separate entity that has its own strategy, approach, and playing tactics. A built-in tutorial may be consulted by new players who are just finding their way in the game. Helpful hints are available to those who need assistance.

Cub Rummy provides individual player statistics, which can be useful to players who want to monitor their progress and development as they progress with the game. This game has other perks. For instance, each player can sort the tiles in a way that they prefer. The player may also create his or her favorite game variation of Cub Rummy.