CST License Manager 2011

Computer Simulation Technology (Open Source)

CS Studio License Manager is a tool used to operate or activate the CST Studio Suite legally. CST Studio Suite is an Electro Magnetic simulation tool available for purchase and addresses diverse problems across the EM spectrum.  This tool can be used for a variety of uses such as mechanical and thermal effects, in addition to circuit simulation for products like microwaves, EDA and electronics, EMI, and EMC. Its purpose is currently being utilized in over 30 countries.
With CS Studio License Manager, users of the Suite can enjoy a number of advantages including the following:

• Shorter development cycles;
• Virtual prototyping prior to physical trials; and
• Optimization of processes instead of experimentation.

CST was founded, it has offered users with a wide variety of tools for 3D electromagnetic field simulation. It made use of a global network of support and sales, as well as management. CST’s success is due to the combination of leading edge technology, in addition to a user-friendly interface and well-trained support staff. It works with partners around the world in order to integrate its products with the best engineering tools accumulated from the best research centers worldwide. In order to grasp the full potential of CST Suite, users need the CST Licensing Manager as a general security or protection against physical or nonphysical hazards that this tool may cause.