CSI: NY - The Game ®

Big Fish Games (Proprietary)

CSI: NY – The Game is an interactive computer game based on the television series CSI: NY. The game was first released in 2008. Players assume the role of CSI investigators who must solve different cases. Players can control the male character Mac or the female character Stella, depending on the given case. There are puzzle games, interrogations, and evidence collecting. At the start of each case, players are will be present in the crime scene. Different tools can be used in order to gather evidence from the location. Afterwards, players must complete puzzles and interrogate suspects to eliminate them one by one and solve the case.

The five cases are the following:

• Downward Spiral – In this case, Mac investigates the death of a man who fell from a building. The angles are suicide or homicide.
• Just Desserts – Players get to complete the case with Stella. The case is about a food critic who died inside a restaurant.
• Off the Mark – This case is run by Stella and players must investigate the death of a girl in a construction side and a theater.
• Hillridge Confidential – Players get to work with Lindsay on the Hilldridge Confidential case that involves the death of a girl.
• Derailed – In this case, players work with Mac, who is the suspect in the death of a rapist who was found frozen in a subway station.